Types of Roulette

There are two types of Roulette Games: French/European Roulette and American roulette

European roulette is a superior game compared to American roulette from the perspective of the player, and that's what interests us.

French roulette is actually a reference to a table layout that has become popular of late in France and across the rest of Europe. The game-play should stand identical to that of European roulette, unless some American casinos get a hold of the table layout and decide to put a double zero on the wheel.

French roulette is different also with respect to the number of dealers present. A standard board gives room for players around one side and one end of the table. The aim of a French roulette board is to let players stand around all sides of the board, and minimize the space taken up by dealers. To accomplish this, you usually see fewer dealers running the French tables than the normal tables. The effect is, more people can gather around and play at once. This must be fun for the dealers… less of them, more players, more work.

Some give credit to the French for brining roulette into the world, and so by many counts all roulette is French roulette. Chances are though, if you were searching for it online, you were wondering what the word meant, or where you can find a table. There aren't many online casinos that offer the game, simply because there is no difference in play, so the only thing that would be different is the graphic they present to you. Since you can't walk around to the other side of the table on the Internet, the novelty would soon wear off.

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