Roulette tips

There are many ways to win at roulette, and, of course, many ways to lose! These roulette tips should provide some winning strategy, or at least some sound advice. If you have some roulette tips to share from your life at the wheel, feel free to drop us a line.

Roulette tips:

#1 - If you're plan is to win over the long run, you'll want to find a biased wheel, or poorly programmed online roulette game. Some online casinos (like flamingo club and the grand online) put out newsletters saying what's been won recently on what games. If you notice a big winner on roulette, you know good streaks can happen on that software.

Otherwise, you'll need to find some inconsistency in the way a land-based roulette wheel lands results. The most effective way to test for a biased wheel (which is usually off level by a tad, or has been worn down with overuse to the extent that it favors some section of the wheel more than others) is to use a computer with an infrared beam that measures the spin of the wheel. Sadly most Vegas casinos can detect electronic instruments anywhere in the establishment.

#2 - Keep your eyes open. There is a phenomenon unique to the world of roulette called the dealers signature. Some dealers in a casino have been spinning the roulette wheel for a number of years, and when you do the same thing over and over again, your body gets used to the motion. Some believe the occasional dealer throws the little white ball at a very consistent velocity, in a very consistent manner. The result of which is a semi-predictable final number. If you were to watch where on the wheel the dealer lets go of the ball, and measure how far away from that point the ball ends up, you may start to see some consistency. You could then bet on numbers in the area which is approximately that far from where the dealer let's go on each spin. You just have to watch the dealer release the ball, and add on the length around the wheel the dealer is consistently landing, then bet before the dealer waves his hands and calls no more bets. If you're lucky enough to come across a dealer's signature, this will have turned out to be the best of roulette tips.

#3 - For the most part, if people offer you a roulette system for sale, it's likely no good. Take it a little more seriously if it talks about things like bankroll management, though then it should likely be called a strategy over a system, but sometimes the words get exchanged.

#4 - look for favorable rules at the tables. Two of the best game alterations are the European roulette wheel, since it only has one zero, and a rule called 'en prison', where outside bets are not lost entirely when a zero is hit.

#5 - If a number repeats often within 100 spins you may have found a biased wheel that can turn the house advantage around to your favor. A biased wheel is one of only two true opportunities to overcome the casino's advantage. The other is described next. When an experienced dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball with roughly the same speed and trajectory consistently from spin to spin it is possible to calculate where the ball will drop. You wont know exactly where but you can determine a certain zone of the wheel - this allows you to know what numbers not to play! You must buy in before playing roulette and exchange the colored chips for regular casino chips when leaving the table. Always avoid the five number bet (covering 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3), it has the least profitable payback of all the bets. The house advantage on this bet is a whopping 7.89%.

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