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Whether you're new to playing roulette or already share our love for that little spinning ball, RouletteOnline.Pro (previously as was made for you. The gambling world changed when the roulette wheel was invented. With a whirl of the wheel, the excitement of the crowd grows, and as the wheel slows down, silence falls over the people as the ball hops from spot to spot until it finally lands on one number. The number on the roulette wheel vary a little bit from culture to culture but the only difference that is seen most often is the use of the numbers 0 and the double 00 and their locations on the roulette wheel. The game of Roulette is a betting game where you chose the numbers that will come up on the red and black wheel as it spins around andthen comes to a stop. The game of Roulette is thought to have been created in France during the years of the 1700's when the rich needed some type of new entertainment and something to do with their money. Over the following years, up to and including today, Roulette is still a popular game that generations of all ages enjoy. Some of the most well known Roulette casinos are located in Monte Carlo and in Monaco with Roulette also found in other casinos throughout the world as well.

The History of the roulette game

There are two theories as to the invention of Roulette. Both trace the game to France in the mid 17th Century. One of these theories connects Roulette to a French scientist, Blaise Pascal as the person who invented or improved the game during a "monastic retreat" and played for the first time in a Paris casino. read more: history of roulette game

Roulette Systems

Roulette systems come in many shapes and forms, some are free, while others cost thousands of dollars. Each is an attempt to develop a method of play that will beat the casino, over the course of a large number of wheel spins (in other words, over the long run). read more: roulette systems

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